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Talented Stars

The moon it gleams
With shining rays from above
To sparkle earth. Read more »

Adious from the North wind

I come every winter from the ice lain
Glacier in the north of Drukyul
Alone, among barren meadows and ragged falls Read more »

Haiku IV

Chelsea losing a ‘sure-win’ match
Smileys, calls and text messages
From my non-Chelsea friends! Read more »

Haiku III

Clasped hands, increasing heat
Hard breathes, faster than ever
Tired, a deep glad sigh! Read more »

Haiku II (late Summer, early Autumn, 2010)

Penstar beams over Yoebum
Naljorpa wrings his heart over brother Pema
In between life clings Read more »

Haiku I (Summer 2010)

Summer’s unforgiving sun
A sudden downpour
Labourers smile Read more »

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