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The Ruined Robbery

This is the result of the second writing thread. It was good at least three people participated. Anyways, the story turned out well. I am putting the writing thread on a hold for now. I will continue it soon. -Aurora Read more »

Monday Writing Thread ‘II’

It’s here again! Last week’s writing thread story turned out unexpected; it was a success nonetheless. We are into the second week of the ‘writing thread’. It’s the head of a story and all you need to do is add on maximum two paragraphs to the story. Read more »

The Home Coming

This is the final story that was woven from the Monday writing thread ‘I’ by the following writers:

@Aurora @Pandora @YeshiDorji @PaSsu @Amigos @Tukuli @Penstar Read more »

Monday Writing Thread ‘I’

I said Tuesday so I am starting the story. It’s the head of a story I wrote, so when I post our final ‘full’ story, I shall also post the full story I wrote. There is no expectation, whatsoever, just go with the flow. New readers who are unaware of this Read more »

Monday Writing Thread -Introduction

It’s been quite some time I wanted to start this on WAB; almost a month later, here I am with what I wanted to start.

When I was in school, I remember our English teachers wrote/told the start Read more »

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