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Oskar Schindler – the Nazi who bought Jews

That was great. That was simply touching. That was self sacrifice there. That was letting your dream of much hard work go down into the drain. That was something that turned out that way though it never meant to be there from where they headed to. And that was humane. And that was Oskar Schindler unlike many other Nazis who kissed a Jewish girl not with hatred and brutality but with love for the humans. Read more »

Empress of an Emperor of an Empire

Empress Josèphine (courtesy: internet)

‘…the charms of the incomparable Josèphine kindle incessantly a burning flame within my heart.’*

Historians have written about the man who conquered Europe and people remember him through time. He has gone down history as a man of great determination, who was the best in the art of warfare, becoming the supreme power in Europe in the late 18th century and early 19th century. Historians artfully crafted the name of the gracious woman, who conquered the heart of the living ‘Ares’. Read more »

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