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A Bongaigoan Beauty

I pulled the plastic chair worn out from its original blue gently like Jack Dawson offers for Rose in Titanic. My newfound acquaintance sat in somber silence; chin resting on her palms. Her silver bangles sparkled in an eternal light. A ruby studded gold ring on her left index proclaimed pride Read more »

He worries

Dorji has to avail a service from public office the next day. He worries whether his works will be done or not. He worries of what questions he may be asked by the public official. He worries if he has not missed the relevant documents. He worries if he has all the information in his finger tips. He sleeps worrying of the next day. Read more »

The Best Birthday Celebration

Nima and Dawa were not twins as we, the Bhutanese, may think.  They were not even real brothers in the true sense of the word; they share a common mother, but from two different fathers, whom they never saw, let alone meet them.  They were half-brothers.  However, their love and affection for each other can beat any twin brothers’ any day.  They Read more »

Son of Golapo

“My parents got divorced when I was a kid.  And you know, the best thing is that both of them love me so much.  I have two sets of parents now.  I am so lucky.” Read more »

Destiny Unfathomable

“The most beautiful and considerate woman she is,” would remark everyone. Tall and blond with her exquisite eyes placed perfectly in place on her flawless face, wearing the intricately woven and immaculately sewn dress, would she look extraordinarily heart thrilling to every eye that caught a glimpse Read more »

A December Night

Under the soft yellowish street lamps lay the concrete sidewalk aligning the highway where cars sped and zoomed past endlessly. As I looked towards the mountains in the east, I could see the stars gleaming in the clear winter sky without a patch of cloud. Just as I turned back and continued to walk towards home, my cell phone rang. The caller’s name read as Read more »

Three Friends

It was the third month of academic year. Students began to know each other more and made new friends. Days were moving smoothly but not so much for Tashi, Phuntsho and Bhim, so to say. They have become the closest of friends in the campus and were always seen glued together. Read more »

Hope and Miracles

“Ama, you will not die,” Choki confidently told her mom who lay in the bed. Her mom smiled weakly with a dash of hope fleeting across her face. The oncologist had given her mom just few more days of life. Before her mom could detect the lump in her throat she picked up the tissue Read more »

Blood is thicker than water

 I wrote this story when I was in class twelve. It begged me huge marks for my English paper I. I was supposed to write on the theme, “Blood is thicker than water.” Read more »

The bulldozer was the only witness

After a decade, I met my uncle, Karma. Before that, I had just heard about him through his son Yonten. Uncle Karma is in his late 50s. He is slim, tall, and handsome even in his 50s. Nobody would believe that he has a grandson. Before meeting uncle Karma, I could not draw his clear picture in my Read more »

Voices from the womb

“Sob…sob!” my Ama cried one day.
“You would never listen to me when I said not to drink,” she forcefully uttered in between her sobs.
“Yes you did Ama,” I would say. Read more »


“Beep beep,” my mobile phone blinked. It said “One new message,” and I scrolled through to read that SMS message.

And when I finally opened it, it said;

Hi Keypa, I’ve com to meet u 🙂 Read more »


The raindrops pelt lightly producing a rhythmic tune. “He kicked me here,” she points towards her lower ribs with her shaking fingers. I stare at her abdomen. I fight the urge to lift her T-shirt which boldly says I AM  HAPPY. Read more »

A letter to grandma…(final part)

Dear grandma, I’ve often heard our elders and neighbours talk about Drongmaed family being filthy rich few generations ago, with its popularity spread far and wide. Upon hearing this again and again, I only wonder where all those riches went. But it is all the more better for us, so as not to have any disputes over it, although hardships at times were unbearably painful. Read more »

Helpful Samten

“Thinley, you got any cash?”

“No, Karma might be having some,” they looked at Karma.

Karma shook his head and asked, “Why?” Read more »

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