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12 Years in Yotongla Top

Stopping for a while at Yotongla pass can be both pleasure and refreshing for any tired travelers but a mere thought to be a resident there even for a month would be nostalgic for many of us.  Yotongla pass lies in between Bumthang and Trongsa at an altitude of 3400 meters above sea level; the place remains foggy for most part of the year; with no Read more »

Journey amid the Chilly Night

The stretch of platform covers the entire plain, the tracks compresses the whole earth, the mighty roof shelters the vast concrete base, and people from all walks of life gathers beneath it, hurrying towards their respective platform with their belongings, though they eye on the happenings by their surrounding as well. Thousands they were scattered here and there, Read more »

On the roads of Afghanistan 4

Ed**, Little Jo***, Pa** John from Philippines and Ah*** and Far**** from Pakistan arrived a day late and saw less of the beauty I had the privilege of seeing. I knew the Filipinos because we facilitated the 7th Asian/ Palawan Youth Congress on the beautiful island of Palawan in November, 2009. Ed** is in her thirties, small built and looks younger than her age; Read more »

On the roads of Afghanistan 3

My first night in Kabul was filled with anxiety. I was scared a little and I noticed a door leading to the adjacent room which I didn’t notice before. I heard male voices and the whole night they were talking and laughing and sometimes knocking on the door. I didn’t know who was there but I wished they would stop talking. I didn’t want to think negative Read more »

On the roads of Afghanistan 2

The Intercontinental Hotel is a long huge hotel and maybe the oldest hotel still running in full swing, built over 50 years ago by the King who was forced to leave his country when the Russian took over. It is situated on a hill lock that looks over the entire of Kabul. Though it might be old, it has all the latest facilities that any rated hotel need to function –lifts, hot bath, Read more »

Car sickness

This may not be a big deal for those who never felt the pain of going through the dreadful fear of puking in the car. The pain is enormous as it envelops embarrassment, mess, headache and takes away all the fun of traveling. If I am traveling tomorrow, I get the hangover today. The thought is enough to provoke a feeling of nausea in me. I become deactivated and sick. Read more »

Forgotten Picture

A year and a month had passed when I finally start writing something about my hike to Sewla, after I accidentally browsed old folders in my computer and came across the photos  and like any other photos taken by digital camera, the photos were not printed. The strenuous hike uphill towards Sewla Goenpa  with my  heavy boots plastered with mud due to drizzle, Read more »

On the roads of Afghanistan 1

Twenty minutes. Waiting for an answer I looked back and saw a tall and smart man in black suit, white shirt and pastel blue tie with a walkie talkie set. He saw me and hurried towards me.

‘Whet is et, Madame?’ Read more »

On the road to Afghanistan 2

On 2nd April, as I was going through immigration at Delhi Airport, the person checking my papers asked me why I was going to Afghanistan. I told him the reason. He asked me if I knew about Afghanistan and why I was risking my life to go there. I told him it was to help prepare the young Afghans in combating drug abuse. He told me it wasn’t a good reason to take risk. Read more »

On the road to Afghanistan 1

Into the last week of March 2010, I got a surprising call from Mr Bian How Tay (Colombo Plan Consultant) from Colombo. What he told me over the phone was bitterly sweet.

‘Dichen, we are conducting another Youth Congress. I want you to come.’ The next word he said was ‘Afghanistan’. Read more »

Time to play Tourist?

This is a note to the Bhutanese who are traveling to the US for the first time. I have heard stories here and there that a few people got scammed with hefty amounts by the middlemen who pose as lawyers or people who can process the visas. Read more »

A Journey

After an hour or two of traveling, the given thoughts of rickety rough road ahead escaped minds as landscape started embracing the nature in its glory.

It was us, lush green surroundings and reddish-brown muddy road which ploughed through Read more »

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