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Bhutanese in new era

Most youths today are so uncertain in their attitude toward their own lives. It is because they all are on the edge where one age merges into another. They cannot live on in the age their parents lived some two or three decades ago to which all the parents and their grand parents are accustomed to and at the same time they are not yet qualified for twenty—first century Read more »

The Fate

I wonder what life has for us. What fate awaits us nobody knows? Often loneliness is the best teacher. Those are the times when so many things strike our mind and we realize so much of things. How do I see myself after 5 or 10 years? I’ve never thought of it. I don’t suppose my life’s going to be the same as it is today. I definitely don’t see myself as the same Read more »

Taken for Granted – Making Security Our Responsibility

“The only time we ever think about breathing is when we have trouble doing it…” says Marty Klein, of Palo Alto, California.  There are some things we take for granted and never notice it till it is lost or endangered.  Security is one such thing, in the list of a Bhutanese.  It has been presented to us on a golden platter and we made it our right and never Read more »

Emergence of new Political Parties in Bhutan

I was going through the Bhutan Observer website and reading some news when I saw an online poll on the same site. It’s about the new political parties. We have been hearing quite a lot about them by now given the fact that Bhutan is going to go to polling stations for the second parliamentary elections next year. So, what are Read more »

Men and Foota!

After 5 p.m. I know where to find my Hubby; it’s been almost a month now that he has been sincerely following the routine, including weekends. The Departmental Football Tournament is going on at RIM ground and Motithang ground, a match each every evening and two during the weekends. (I think Read more »

I don’t know – what do you think?

These days wherever you go it is the donation box of Semchen Tshethar Tshogpa that follows. You go to a tshechu it is there. You go to a lhakhang it is there. You attend a wang (blessing ceremony) it is there already and the donation box is there at all religious or Buddhist events in the country. Everyone likes what the tshogpa is Read more »

Woman Supreme Court Judge and more

First of all, I would like to offer my hearty congratulations to the recently elected first woman Dzongda and now the newly appointed woman Justice of the Supreme Court of Bhutan.  I am proud of our country when it comes to gender equality and the performance of the female gender which is looked Read more »

Grooming criminals

I am sure you all must have heard about the great ongoing debate in Bhutanese these days. Students are worried and their parents fear about the issue. Many sensible parents do while some hardly care. Who cares? They say. I think this is very sad really. We all go to school to learn new things Read more »

Who needs help – tigers or farmers?

At a village in Trongsa, I forget the name of the village, a tiger had killed some cows last time. According to our newspapers, this is not the first time that is happening. They are right. Our farmers in the villages live at the compassion of wild animals. As Buddhist they cannot kill and killing is not the solution either. There are many wild Read more »

Here I welcome myself

“Why am I hiding myself?” I questioned as I took the tedious curve around the Thimpu Memorial Chorten this morning. Right, for sometimes I had lost the vigour to do any serious writing, except the regular official notesheets and letters that I am deemed by some virtue. No,  I won’t say I was too busy or lazy, rather I guess I didn’t like the fact that readers Read more »

Red Obsession

The color red is one of women’s obsessions. Especially me, I die for random red stuffs I see here and there and everywhere. When I say random, I mean the clothes,bags, coats and beautiful Red heels. Everyone knows what Red stands for. Probably, all of you are starting to think about it. Here are some Read more »

Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful and so we are. People say beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and what if that beholder is blind. Is it that he will not have the beauty of definition or darkness is his beauty. Beautiful souls will not necessarily have beautiful face and vice- versa. One cannot generalize that beautiful Read more »

Of eve teasing

I realized this site is gradually becoming lethargic. And this is something we don’t want it to be. Do we? So, to wake her up, I am posting an old article on eve teasing. Now if you are men, please stop raising your eyebrows and have fun reading of our follies. Of course many of you have might have read it. Initially published in Business Bhutan, this piece was republished in Yeewong, Read more »

My opinion on marriage

What’s your opinion about marriage? It’s the universal fact that every being doesn’t always remain single. Marriage is considered an important part in every one’s life, a special moment for all who value love and believe in relationships. Marriage is said to bind two people together, it is said to bind the two hearts together. Read more »

Are we running short of LPG?

“Ting-ting! Tang-tong!” empty LPG cylinders fall in line one after another near Motithang BOD. There were men, women and children in casuals guiding their cylinders through the line. One person one cylinder became a norm ever since its supply turned out acute.  This has attracted whole family members Read more »
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