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Our Obscure ‘Happiness’

When the serene sunrise and solemn quietness greet
The morning to another day of season-less freshness,
Bathed with the blessings of the Dragon Kings, Read more »

To You my love

You have come to my life
like a messiah bringing
the message of love and hope. Read more »

The Seventh Sizzle

Seven sanguine pegs,
Coked to cool sizzle,
Syrupy, sweet, savoury Read more »

So what

So what
So what if I have loved you
I am rich so does everyone wish to be Read more »

Extol To Your Majesty

‘Extol to Your Majesty’

The gracious king! A benign heart!
Descended by divined heavenly saints, Read more »

My Summer Fiction

Will you be my summer fiction?
I’ll write our lines in a happy fashion
You can be my unsuspecting hero Read more »

Happy New Year

Hello! All my fellow writers and friends!
In every part of the earth till it ends.
Let all your shortfalls gone; vacate your mind, Read more »

Simple Reason for Love

In my nearly two decades of life I have lived like a desert parched and waiting for a hard summer rain. If only that rain was love that I sought and got more of what was sought. That is my simple reason for love. Am still a half filled pitcher.!! Read more »

Prisoner of my Heart

How cruel of me to keep the rusted keys to the cellar?
And not let you free from eight years of imprisonment
This karmic marriage gave you for wanting love, Read more »

My Mermaid Love

I kneel upon the cold concrete, perhaps never before;
Like a mount upon my heart in penitence, much adversity
My absence has worn your days, I know too well; Read more »

Dry Leaves

Oh! Dry leaves! how swift you dart,
How quick and light your pace?
Where’s your destination, where do you heed? Read more »

Transitory Friendship

For we crossed our friendship route this autumn,
I salute our karmic past come to blossom,
Your sweetness echoes even before I see Read more »

Love Lasts Not Forever

Afternoon do not promise evening shall follow,
Kiss me lightly on my parched lips one last time, Read more »

Into the Darkness

O Lord! Forgive me, I have committed a crime,
In the clear sea of ignorance, I have treaded on,
The bell has fallen off making no chime, Read more »

If I was a tree

Where would I be if I was a tree?
In the Amazon?
Over the Himalayas? Read more »

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