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WAB Members on International Literacy Day


Yangchen Gatshel Lower Secondary School is located high up in the untouched pristine mountaintop overlooking Thimphu town. Often times, teachers and the students have to be ready with full details of the map Read more »

From Creative Non-fiction Writing Workshop…cont.

The challenge in writing about people, especially about someone famous, is that it can become sometimes the legend becomes bigger than the person. The challenge about writing people you are known to is the possibilities of ruinous consequences as it is hard not to tell all the facts, good and bad, while at the same time you don’t want to Read more »

From Creative Non-fiction Writing Workshop

I registered with the BMCD to attend the workshop and then the word came that I could represent WAB, which had its own advantage because it would spare me paying the Nu 2800 attendance fee. However when I did attend the Workshop I was my own man. But I still feel obliged to fulfill the responsibility that a proper WAB representative Read more »

Creative non-fiction writing workshop

I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to WAB administrators for giving me the chance to attend creative non-fiction writing workshop. The weeklong workshop was organized by the Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy (BCMD) in Thimphu which ended yesterday. I also thank BCMD’s Executive Director Madam Pek Siok Sian Dorji Read more »

Clearing the block

I am terribly sorry for having been away from WAB for quite sometime now and I feel completely naked and hollow. But I have been also following closely the members’ writings here. I am suffering from serious mental block like the Phuentsholing-Thimphu Highway in the late 1990s. And the feeling that I can’t write a single complete paragraph is quite strange.  Read more »

First Half Day in Literary Festival

Thupel and I attended the first half day of Mountain Echoes II at Tarayana Centre. Although the festival started at 10, we reached at the centre exactly at nine. Young people were already there before us. I tried to look out for someone with pot belly or lesser hair. I saw none but of course as literature bars no age, it was soothing to see elder citizens as well.

Read more »

The Mountain Echoes II starts today

The second edition of Mountain Echoes is here. The literary festival was inaugurated the other day at the India House. The three day program has already started today and it ends on May  23, 2011. The program is being held at the the Tarayana Centre, Thimphu, Bhutan. To this effect, Writers Association of Bhutan (WAB) received a detailed program list from the organizers. Read more »

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2011! It has been a wonderful year for us at WAB and as the New Year sets in, we have all the reasons to hope for even better, brighter and bigger year for us all. And with our dear readers and valued members, we have no doubt we will achieve our intended mission. We should all be proud of the progress we have been fortunate to have made thus far. Read more »

What WAB Writes – a small finding

Four days ago, I had this silly idea running in my head. And I collected this information from WAB website. On a second thought, I realized all research works are like that, but not as silly and meaningless as mine. Now I realize it offers us some meanings after all. Let’s find out what our members are writing on WAB. Today there are 206 registered members on Writers Association of Bhutan Read more »

Let’s walk WAB

We are here
on the forum,
so are we not a family Read more »

Celebrating 101 WAB members!

Celebrating 101 WAB members, 93 posts,  and 196 comments! Keep posting and share about WAB with your friends and families!

WAB Admins

WAB attends Writers Workshop

I am overjoyed to share with you that I represented Writers Association of Bhutan (WAB) in the closing session of Creative Non Fiction Writing Workshop organized by Bhutan Center for Media and Democracy today afternoon. It so happened that during their discussion session they pointed out the need to have an association for writers which is when we were mentioned and Ms. Pek Dorji, the organizer, invited us instantly. Read more »

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