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Worlds Without End

Do you know who’s as close to being God as anyone can get? A writer! It’s easy. We all do it. Just by putting words together, I can:
…turn tragedy into a happy ending;
…leave a slum behind to live at Versailles or in a villa on any Greek island; Read more »

Writing Anxiety

Myriads thoughts, images and visions have pestered my consciousness and keep haunting my dreams over the past few days. It is as if they have chosen the medium of my person, more precisely my word power (as I choose to call my skills at writing, fine or otherwise) as an expression of their being. From the pressing issue of municipality elections to the national Read more »

Writing Short Story – A Guide

This is an excerpt from SHORT STORY WRITING: A Practical Treatise on the Art of the Short Story (By Charles Raymond Barrett, Ph. B.)

Copyrighted, 1900, by Charles Raymond Barrett

(This selection is from The Method of Narration)

In the short story no personal confidences, moralizing comments, or confessions are allowed. If you must express your opinions and make your personality felt, write lectures, sermons, essays, books, letters for the public pressóbut don’t write short stories. Read more »

How to Set and Achieve Writing Goals

(Every week I receive such articles from Trent Steele of, and this one in particular may be useful for many of us.)

If you want to write more and write better, you need to know how to set and achieve writing goals.

Even if you were never the type of person before to set goals for yourself, Read more »

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