Extol To Your Majesty

‘Extol to Your Majesty’

The gracious king! A benign heart!
Descended by divined heavenly saints,
To alleviate flaming desires of people;

(Desires of desires performed, yet unsatisfied.)
And to evacuate us being fallen unto pit;
Filled with quandaries and agony and sufferings,
And enlighten with showers of gleeful spree.

Your reign, overflowed by mirth and ecstasy
Should have never reached its end, rather
Prolonged through incessant generations
Like the heavenly sun, moon, stars
Those dwell incessantly high in purpose,
For the world would return to petrifying plight
Thy reign is, if vanished off the earth.

I marvel what thou art! Or thy basis!
As rare as dodo of your blood and gene;
Possess Dutch-courage, but use passively,
Thy sympathetic soul; would calmly melt
Still egregious, cantankerous hearted beasts.
No poverty, no predicament would breed
Or boom here-the land thou breathe unruffled.

Troubled not of thyself, thy impediments;
Strive tirelessly for the welfare and delight
Of your countryman, your life uncared
To light other lives; of pains and panics,
Your compassion boundless and eternal
Like the course of a flowing Ganga,
For thou pour commissaries profusely.

Oasis for a desert! Bullet for a riffle!
And thou art a soul of the nation!
I would prefer be reborn with you.
If the world hath few, more of thy kind;
Assure I, it wouldn’t be slung itself
Into violence, nor would people suffer;
For thou target at universal harmony.

Oh, my brave king! My ruling God!
Be thou with us forever and ever,
Feed us just with thy mere presence,
Need us not be loved, just leave us not,
For thy presence is a source of joy,
Backdrop of pride and bless of God;
My lord, thus bear to always be with us.

-by Phuntsho Wangchuk

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