Happy New Year

Hello! All my fellow writers and friends!
In every part of the earth till it ends.
Let all your shortfalls gone; vacate your mind,
Let all your eyes in fresh open in kind.
For I’m here with a dose of words, you dear;
To wish you from my heart ‘Happy New Year!’

Take as lessons with the wrongs you have done,
Forget not your route to success and fun.
Touch your heart and pardon all your great foes,
Before the God droop your heads for the vows;
To take a long, deep breath and yell in cheer,
And say to all your friends ‘Happy New year!’

Sail your love for all; vaster than empire,
Hatred be not cast even to vampire.
Set these goals with resolutions strong,
Keep on trying until fulfilled them lifelong.
Come on! Say it again with your voice clear,
For the third and last time ‘Happy New Year!’

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