If I was a tree

Where would I be if I was a tree?
In the Amazon?
Over the Himalayas?
In the Sahara?
Or the beautiful Bahamas?!

Would I then know?
Know the tunes of music?
Will I make out the sounds,
Sounds of wind and
The pattering shower?
Would I sing or dream?

I am sure I will feel,
Hunger, pain and loneliness.
Would my roots feed me well?
Would my trunk quench my thirst?
Would the sun cook for me?
Will the nature sing to me?
Would the chirping birds talk to me?
Would I be able to see,
See the moonlight cloth me,
See the green natures embrace me.

Will I fall in love?
Will I have a friend, or friends?
May be I will be healthy
Or may be not.

Will rainbows touch my leaves?
Or the animals scratch my trunk?
Will I be chopped to be burnt?
Will Man see my tears?
Will they know my fears?
If there is any fear that I will feel.

May be I will strive and thrive,
Through springs and falls,
Through heat and cold,
Through rain and snow.
For He is watching,
Watching me with love from heaven.

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  • Even if you weren’t a tree there is so much questions and so much storms in the sea of life….and possibly you face those dilemma as much as others do.

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