Into the Darkness

O Lord! Forgive me, I have committed a crime,
In the clear sea of ignorance, I have treaded on,
The bell has fallen off making no chime,
For the rusted nail has failed to hold on.

The glory earned and tagged to my name,
Are burned to ashes, so is the hope,
The sceptre, the crown and the fame,
Are all gone with the lovely silk robe.

The fainting words of wisdom is all I hear,
From within my veins, the brain, and the blood,
For no follower would heed or bear,
The sight of shame above my temple as a cloud.

Ay! My skin no longer hold to the bones intact,
The blood dries like the salty lake under the sun,
Only crystals of remorse resides this sad lake,
For the sun of shame has dried up all the fun.

Fleeting minutes but to me seems a year,
I only stand as hollow as the emptied can,
Yearning for fast and furious death but fear,
For He punishes the bad from the clan.

Breathing the foul air in the closed wall,
The light is but far and deem and cold.
Amongst the high jumpers I crawl,
Begging for mercy, my blood for a shelter is sold.

In dream comes a face so familiar,
Screaming the loudest at the living dead,
Cursing thousand curses but not so clear,
One I heard, to fall to the hell to be the feed.

Nothing but the shag grows longer,
So is the dirt in my nails piled up to the brim,
I glide on my way to the darkness with memories so fonder,
Slow and steady for I have committed a crime.


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