It’s my Birthday

My birthday’s nearing. The day I was born, the day I first opened my little eyes, its approaching! It is a special day. The day is of a great significance for it was the day I was brought to this world, to see how life is and to face the challenges life put on me. As my birthday near, I wonder whether I should be delighted for having entered into this beautiful world, or should I be sad for I am aging. The journey I have travelled till now, reminds me of my impermanence, of how old I have grown. But with every year, with every birthday, I am reminded that I become more mature and responsible.

I was born with a purpose, definitely! But I do not know how I am going to serve this very purpose. All I know now is to make this day a memorable one. I want to celebrate, have fun and enjoy for this moment won’t ever return again. It will remain a history, and I want to treasure this as the best history ever.

I thank my parents. This day reminds me of how thankful I am to my parents for bringing me into this world, it’s been a long journey and I thank them for being with me throughout. The love they showed, the warmth of their care, I miss it. For all the efforts in bringing me up, I want to celebrate and cherish this day. I want to show people how proud I am, and how happy I am with my life.

Mom, Dad, it’s my birthday after two days and I cannot express how thankful I am to you. You’ve been through a lot of things, I know but thank you for making me who I am today. I am glad that I was born to you guys, and this day’s approaching, my birthday’s approaching; it’s a reminder to me, of realizing how precious I am. Thank you for bringing me up so well and healthy.

I am even a little sad, for I am growing old. I will no longer remain your little girl, I am getting old now. Thus, every year with the joy of being born as your daughter, I am also sad of growing old. But its life, so I am ok, rather I would like to enjoy now and capture this very moment, for it will never come back.

I am going to have the greatest birthday ever and my dear parents, please keep your blessings and best wishes always with me, for it is the most precious gift anybody could give. I know I am going to grow old, but I am happy for I am going to become more responsible, responsible enough to pay my deepest gratitude to you, Thank You!!!

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  • if any body needed a a good daughter,you’d be her. never thought birthdays could be as overwhelming and exulting as you portray in your writing. life brings in bizarre situations…we are bound to die but going to the grave isn’t our ultimate aim. your love per se for your parents is immortal..we grow old, we can’t do anything about it…but gal, adjust the sails if you can’t change the direction of wind. shower in lots of love to all your beloved ones and i know love will not age as we mortals do…

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