My Life time of English

A dozen years ebbed into oblivion in a wink,
My race through college like a rush for gold,
countless acquaintances upon the cross roads,
And the career I clambered in a snails tow,
You have been a greatest comrade I know
For the journey we made into eternal stories,
Of romance in marriage with Dianelle Stellees,
A ride from Britain to India with Kaye,
Through the pages of Shadow of the moon,
How old have we become so soon?
A murder with Sidney Sheldon in the alley,
Into the dark recess of detective chases,
To cities far and wide with James Hadley chase,
Sleepless into the nights we cringed in fear,
Over a dead cat or a wheel chaired mad tear,
In the dungeons of Stephen King’s Kingdom,
Those legendary Mahabarat battles we fought,
The clamor of spears and swords we sought,
Marveling Arjun’s  arrows hit its mark in joy,
And Bheem uproot trees like toys,
We gossip into the night, or half a day
delving into the labyrinth of fictions haven,
And oft times with Tintin and his lazybone puppy,
I dive into the ocean and fight off sharks,
You are lost into the Tibetan snows with ‘Chang’
I caress Veronica’s blue hair, you kissed Betty!
Alas! That was our college days with Archie.
That court house spectacle echo with Birbal’s wit,
We wondered his brilliance like an ignorant child,
And Nasrudhin Hodja’s common sense a non-sense,
Unmatched by simpleton Suppandi’s foolish flaws
We laughed until tears would dry like ice on our brows;
Like Shikari Shambu we chase for novels and comics,
Those were moments of my Greatest learning.
We watched you become Pele on the muddy pitch,
And the arrows you shot like beers into the belly;
You are my forever friend from fiction,
A faithful father, a teacher of silent wisdom!

Dedicated to Ata Wangchuk of Khaling

3 Responses to “My Life time of English”

  • whoa ! i had a pleasant ride through all the tales, in the fighting arena, in your college conversing with Betty, Veronica and even fought with Archie, laughed on Suppandi’s gibberish talks, lauded Birbal’s wisdom, etc….loved your poem, mate.

  • Thank you Kar10

  • your creativeness is just like the river that quench the thirst of all the readers here laa!!! nice one !!!keep it up!!!

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