One Last Time

She ran like the wind,
Wind that nobody could see,
She brushed the hair of her loved ones,
For one last time.

Nobody saw her,
Because she ran like wind,
She whistled into the ears,
Of her acquaintances for one last time.

She touched the leaves,
On her favourite tree,
Fell on ground on the leaves,
Felt the earth for one last time.

She looked to the sky,
Swirled up and flew into the blue space,
Looked back with rains of tear,
To catch the glimps for one last time.

2 Responses to “One Last Time”

  • Frankly I appreciate your effort at poetry, but, though I am not a poet by profession myself, yet so I was feeling your verses are perfectly a verses for a song than for a poetry…And if you are singer you would do so well in making impact in the song. Such frank and melody in it.

  • Naljorpa…your observation is noted. Thanks. Happy weekend.

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