Our Obscure ‘Happiness’

When the serene sunrise and solemn quietness greet
The morning to another day of season-less freshness,
Bathed with the blessings of the Dragon Kings,

I delight in the happiness of the royal GNH gift;

When I saunter into the Himalayan woods to amuse
The melody of the birds singing cheerful by daylight
Without the distress of the men’s wild forage,
I delight in the happiness of the natural woods;

When a farmer rests his oxen on a hillside field
On a sweltering midday gazing the toiled dirt,
Joyful of his rich autumn harvest year after year,
I delight in the happiness of his bedtime hope;

When a newborn at a neighbours’ decaying haven
Streak hopeful smile upon an African mother
Unknown to the future of desolate poverty,
I delight in the happiness of the stainless innocence;

When the children of broken homes finds discreet solace,
In the nightly streets reeking of smoke and illegal drugs,
While parents dine and dice until drunk to dawn,
I delight in the happiness of the disillusioned youth;

When a limping Indian beggar by dusk at an alleyway,
Sighs on the playful coins mired with days’ sweats,
And reposes to a kingly morsel of an agonizing day,
I delight in the happiness of his richness owned;

When the dusts bellows to the thunder of gun fires,
Its echoes awaken children from the scorching shelter,
On the arid plains of the Arabian wastelands,
I delight in the happiness of that momentary slumber;

When a wail of ill reverberate the hospice corridors
Seeking the sanctuary of healing and family,
After the battles fought on the foreign borders,
I delight in the hope of living amidst the endless pain;

When distant past of the snow land culture flourish,
To a feeble optimism of freedom and patriotism,
And countrymen from the farthest seas patiently await,
I delight in the deathless devotion of every Tibetan man;

When a Buddhist monk peer through the casement
Rejoicing cool breeze wafted from the prayer flags,
His thoughts settling like the mountain lake,
I delight in the happiness of his meditative calmness;

When the sanguine sunset and tranquil beauty retreat,
With almost without a tumult of a tiresome Bhutanese day,
In the shadowy vales and the neon lit city streets,
I delight in the content souls in their restful homes.

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