Dry Leaves

Oh! Dry leaves! how swift you dart,
How quick and light your pace?
Where’s your destination, where do you heed? Read more »

Transitory Friendship

For we crossed our friendship route this autumn,
I salute our karmic past come to blossom,
Your sweetness echoes even before I see Read more »

Construction Vs. Conservation

We have seen pristine environment and lusty forest for ages and when constructions pierced in, the challenges to balance construction with conservation is faced by every single individual of the Nation obviously. No wonder we now would not get to inhale unpolluted air, Read more »

Love that melted even the coldest heart

This is the true incident that occurred to my brother who is pursuing studies in India. He was on his usual holiday at home in Khaling, Trashigang having travelled over 1600 kilometers from Noida, Uttar Pradesh. He had few days left to return back to college Read more »

Love Lasts Not Forever

Afternoon do not promise evening shall follow,
Kiss me lightly on my parched lips one last time, Read more »

Into the Darkness

O Lord! Forgive me, I have committed a crime,
In the clear sea of ignorance, I have treaded on,
The bell has fallen off making no chime, Read more »

The Cursed Golden Frying Pan

What is a Vitamin P? Vitamin P is not a scientific-proven one; it had been in existence for centuries in our lives. People called it Vitamin P for humorous only. No one ever seen it, some heard and saw the impact after infected with the intangible Vitamin P. Albeit, grandfathers used to share how Vitamin P had consumed the life of many people, but today when everything is done scientifically after Read more »

Bhutanese in new era

Most youths today are so uncertain in their attitude toward their own lives. It is because they all are on the edge where one age merges into another. They cannot live on in the age their parents lived some two or three decades ago to which all the parents and their grand parents are accustomed to and at the same time they are not yet qualified for twenty—first century Read more »

If I was a tree

Where would I be if I was a tree?
In the Amazon?
Over the Himalayas? Read more »

One Last Time

She ran like the wind,
Wind that nobody could see,
She brushed the hair of her loved ones, Read more »

This is what my love is….

I do not have a house of my own to call it home,
Nor a rich man’s wealth any better than a beggar,
But I am always sure deep within my conscience, Read more »

A Girl Who Ran Away From her Own Shadow

Not so long ago, there was this timid girl who always hated the light because the moment the lights empowers the world, her shadow followed her. She didn’t exactly hate the light but she blamed the light for the appearance of her shadow. As she would describe the ugly dark shadow of her, she hated the fact that shadow copied her every move, she detested the fact that it reflects everything she Read more »

Seeking Happiness within

Life puts us in countless situations; some are easy some are tough. Challenges come our way, when it does we usually doesn’t accept it so well, not until we are really serious about life. We live with an aim, the dream to see success and prosperity our entire life. Life is the fulfillment of one’s dreams and wishes; life is nothing but to live in a way Read more »

I am a fallen star

I am a fallen tree
A convenient casualty
Ignited by the heavens blue Read more »

By the Hearth

Thunder grumbling in the sky,
Thinking if it’s the dragons for real,
As narrated to him by the hearth. Read more »

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