Simple Reason for Love

In my nearly two decades of life I have lived like a desert parched and waiting for a hard summer rain. If only that rain was love that I sought and got more of what was sought. That is my simple reason for love. Am still a half filled pitcher.!!

O’ Darling!
Come fill my pitcher in everlasting love;
My childhood was baked sans its warmth;
Let it never again leak to the last drop,
For each is my elixir, each a reason;

O’ Darling!
Give me patience in my selfish seeking
To want you all hours of the day,
My heart has crevice to mend and heal,
For the wound is old, thirsting to caress;

O’ Darling!
Kiss me again in unforgiving love, yet true,
Breath life on my cold lips frozen in years,
And how much reason, how quenching
My life shall be if only I am loved again!!

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