So what

So what
So what if I have loved you
I am rich so does everyone wish to be
I am born human being first
Richness is a tag which came after my birth
And everyday many work for richness

So what if I say I care u
I live in a house, which can be hit with a gushing wind
So you do live in a colony
My window panels receive the splattering of the raindrops
So does your window

So what if I give you a lift
I drive a Mercedes or Ford
But I drive on the road
On the Road where you travel by a public transport
And we reach our destinations

So what if I take you out for a dinner
I eat food in the restaurant because I have no dear
So you do eat at home cooked by your mom
You eat a food cooked with love
I eat a food cooked by a chef

So what if love is blind
I have a heart who knows only your name
So you do have one, who knows many perhaps
Forgive me if I have loved you being rich
But love is above richness and you should see

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