This is what my love is….

I do not have a house of my own to call it home,
Nor a rich man’s wealth any better than a beggar,
But I am always sure deep within my conscience,
That I have loved you with selfless deeds all the years,

I do not own a patch land even on the rocky hillside,
Nor can buy you ring minted of purest gold,
But in the recess of my empty heart you reside
Like an empress sculptured from emeralds!

I do not wear the best manners of the best you see,
Nor know how love must be shown in outward cast,
But I speak in words I know is stainless and true ,
With the intent to clear the doubts until it is through!

I do not have melodious voice of a singer to sing for you,
Nor know flute or guitar to music my innocent admiration,
But I weave in prose and poetry potent from my heart,
Only to tell you my dear, how much I love you.

I do not stand charming to equal your beauty dear,
Nor as young or as much wise as you are,
But in my foolish heart there is an undying fidelity,
A love of unknown depth until to the grave!!!!

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