Wishing on a star

I am so fantasized by the believe people have on shooting stars. Ever since I’ve heard about dreams coming true upon seeing a shooting star, I’ve always been searching for one to make my wish. Seeing how I’ve put on a blind faith in such stuffs makes me look stupid sometimes but I really do want to believe it and try it. Since then, every night I sneak out of my bed, searching for the falling star. But every attempt just failed pushing my dreams a little farther away from me.

This obsession has been haunting me in my dreams lately. I struggle hard looking for it and then get disappointed on not seeing any. I don’t even know whether it’s really true and despite failing several times I still stay put with my determination to find it someday. So I’ve actually never given up on my endeavors.

Even today, every night I look out of my balcony hoping for a little luck but I haven’t yet succeeded in this. My desires keep getting accumulated, but there’s not a single falling star I’ve encountered so far. Sometimes I just feel there isn’t anything as such called a ‘wish fulfilling star’, but somehow I’m not able to give up. I’m somehow forced to hold onto it a little more.

Last night I saw myself so happy in my dream, I couldn’t clearly remember why. But as I write this I remember this is it. Nothing can make me happier than getting to see what I’ve always wanted to. A Falling Star! I rejoiced as I saw it until the very time reality took its toll and dragged me back from my fantasy. It saddened me no less for it was just a dream.

I know I sound a little insane. But I also know that someday my dream will come true. Someday I will definitely encounter this thing that’s been raising hopes in me, of dreaming and believing in it. I’m optimistic about this and I know my luck will favor me one fine day.

I don’t care if my dreams come true, I just hope of getting to witness this falling star I’ve been so desperately waiting for. I don’t know what luck it may bring to me, I don’t know how my life will change then, but I know for sure that this is going to bring in immense happiness in me for happiness is just what we strive for more than anything else.

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