Your Purpose

Every individual is born with a purpose. But how many of us really try to question the fact? (I guess only a handful of people) If you had questioned this to yourself, then I don’t see any reason for any one of you to squander your life. As for those individuals who dissipate their precious life, failure to realize the very essence behind their living is one obvious cause. They are the ones who often make wrong decisions in life and ultimately end up going astray.

Every mankind is born with a unique set of talents. But many of us fail to recognize those talents that are hidden within us. The first steps towards realizing your dreams and the purpose behind your survival is to rekindle those innate qualities or the talents lying asleep in you. Discovering your talents subsequently allows you to realize the main objectives of your life. The earlier you realize, the better it is for you.

The boon of life you have been blessed with is an opportunity given to you to explore and make the best utilization of the gifts that has been bestowed on you. One of the ways by which you can make your endowment useful is by serving your own mankind. Serve them selflessly and you will be blessed with immense happiness.

Another way by which you can realize your life’s purpose and be content in life is by doing things that you want to do and things from which you derive joy. Do what you want to do but be sure to keep your conscience clear. Don’t wait for tomorrow and don’t bother about what people say. Pay no heed to others’ judgments as far as you know that you aren’t wrong.

We waste time in trying to find happiness in materialistic possessions while it is in small and simple things in life where true contentment lies hidden. We are blinded by the greed for wealth and an insatiable hunger for fame and power. Appreciate the divine beauty with which the mother earth has been created for it is no less than a wonderland that we see in a fairy tale; all you need is a time to take a closer look at its beauty. It is one such source from where pure contentment is derived.

Your life is a gift that you have received from your parents; shower love and admiration upon them; let them know that you love them. This is the most salient purpose of your life.

If I am to quote Robin S. Sharma,” We are all here for some special reason. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future.” There is a great sense in his saying because it is of no use grieving or regretting over the blunders that you have committed in the past. We must get going despite the obstacles that obstruct us from moving ahead in life.”There are no mistakes-only lessons.” is what he adds. Try to learn from your own error for it can be a wonderful teacher. We need to see our difficulties as opportunities that showers light on our quest for self-realization and personal growth.

In short, we must analyze the purpose and the significance of our living. We are to make our life worth living by helping poor and needy. After all it’s not the life that matters, but how you make a living out of it. We must always bear in mind that, what we do for ourselves die with us, but what we do for others remains even after our death. People in fact take pride in glorifying the memories of those who has done so much for the upliftment of the society as a whole.


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